I am tired of watching people gum their way through life.  You have teeth for a reason, people – use them!

You live and you love and you learn every day, and a lot of it is hard work, because many things that are worth doing are hard work.  Doing a job well is hard work.  Creating relationships that last and have meaning are hard work.  Living a life that has meaning, affects people around you in a positive way, and leaves a lasting impression on your world is hard work.  And it’s all worth doing.

So pull out your teeth and sink them into the things and the people you do.  They are your best weapon, your best tool, your best expression of “I am dedicated to this cause or this person, and expressing an intimate connection to this person or thing.”  Show serious dedication, serious drive, a determination to hang on through thick and thin, and a motivation to chew through obstacles like they are so much paper pulp.  That is how you get places; that is how you achieve goals; that is how you make things happen that otherwise would stay dreams.

Defend what is yours.  It is not a crime to say “This is mine – back the fuck off.”  Defend your boundaries, defend your territory, defend your people if they want you to and have given you permission.  Make the world around you a better place by not allowing the people around you to create havoc and unwarranted chaos by letting them walk into your space and your head without a fight.  Most people who are shitty like that will pick a softer target rather than fight, so let them go somewhere else and pick a softer target.  Don’t make that softer target be you – show teeth! Be willing to use them in defense of yourself!  It is not a moral failing to be willing to bite someone, either literally or metaphorically.

I am feeling bite-y today, and tired of watching other people getting railroaded and run over and not do anything about it – can you tell?  Use your teeth, people – they are there for a reason!