I had a dream, which I was talking to a wonderful, brilliant woman about.

Then I drove home.

Now I know a lot more about why I am “remembering” more of that dream than less – right brain seriously eating my face on this one.  I have been driving very carefully lately, but when I hit the right song for shortcut drug on the story that it really, really REALLY needs to be, I had a very hard time not pushing the maximum possible speed out of the jmobile and roaring at it for more.  (Yes, it’s a bit crippled, but it’ll still go up and over 90 without panting hard… then I realized what my foot was doing while I was talking to myself, and went “Oh hell” and did my best not to do that any more while I sorted through where I wanted to start nibbling on this wildebeest.  Split City – elephant.  Ringside – wildebeest.  Much smaller, easier to get into once you are through the skin, but damn hard to catch and irritable when you try to dig your teeth in, liable to throw you off, turn around, and try to kill you right the fuck back.)

So, I have a new tag, a new set of stories (again) and a really serious lust to get into this particular set of people and fuckery.  It’s going to be, as they say, a bumpy ride, but it is giving me a serious fucking carnivorous grin just thinking about writing it.  It is full of possibilities, and it is not taking up the same kind of clock cycles as anything else in the hopper, so it’s very… else.  Everything is very else lately, which is not a bad thing.

And then there was this.  There’s at least one of you out there in Magical ReaderLand who wanted to read about brass rings, and that’s how you got here.  You reminded me of brass rings, and thinking about them, especially in relation to real life instead of stories.

So you, Mysterious Reader, have led in a direct path to me finding out that there is a classic carousel less than two hours’ drive from me that still has brass rings, and is open every weekend.  Thank you.  You have done me a favor, and helped me find a thing in real actual life that I wanted quite a lot, but hadn’t pushed myself to investigate.

On that topic: SlutWalk Tampa is this Saturday.  We will be starting in downtown at 11 A.M., and I will be there.  Look for the bald dyke under a sign that says


I do not talk about activism a lot here, but this is an event I will be proud to be part of.  It’s about people being people together, and coming together to defend the right of people to be themselves and not be assaulted for it.  It’s fearless, love-based and expression-based activism, and I expect to meet people I will enjoy very much.

See you there.