It’s Friday the 13th, O Best Beloved.  So today is homework day.


Go expose yourself to something that drives the beat under your skin.  Go listen to music, watch something, read something, taste something, smell something that raises your pulse and reminds you that you are a creature who can touch and change the world, in ways so big you never could have imagined them.  Remember that you are a deity living in a flexible skin, and find something that pushes and calls to the places in your brain that are certain of that fact.


Go find something that draws you out, so that you can be you, just as hard as you can go.  Saturate yourself with it.  Bathe and drown in it until the feeling of being invincible overtakes you, and then take that out into the world.


Go change something.  Go be the person you would never otherwise be, but wish you had grown into.  Go DO.  Bare your teeth and dare the world to stop you.


I will look forward to seeing what happens.  Godspeed, in the most literal sense of the word.  I am with you, and the you that you are afraid to be is loved.  Someone needs you to be that person.  Go be it.